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Our experience and technology builds confidence in our customers.

We are the one-stop shop from design/manufacturing to refurbishment/maintenance

Osaka Printing Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is a one-stop shop that covers all business regarding printing machinery including design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of printing machinery for various newspaper rotary presses. Established in 1887, our profound experience, strong expertise and proven technology meet the demands of our customers.

We specializing in printing machinery to O.I.K Please contact us if you encounter the following issues:

  • ◎ You like to research what kind of printers are available on the market.
  • ◎ You need to relocate an existing printer.
  • ◎ You are trying to refurbish the printer.
  • ◎ You do not know which vendor you should ask for supplies such as water, air or inks.
  • ◎ Although you need a small-sized printer, you do not know how/where to look for it.


We cover all the areas regarding printing machinery including design, manufacturing, installation, refurbishment, maintenance, installation, removal and sale of incidental equipment for printing machinery for various newspaper rotary presses.
Feel free to contact us.
We will meet any of your demands as a printing machinery specialist.


2024-02-01 Cylindrical lining works have been included in the construction completion guide.
2018-12-07 The office factory relocated.
Thank you for your consideration.
2018-03-22 Adjustment and maintenance and completion of new factory relocatiion work

It was published a photo of the 4×4WEB SYSTEM of stockTokai shinposya.Please refer to the completion of construction guidance of the product introduction.

2016-04-05 Congratulation Tokai Shinposha like color N towers expansion conmpleted
2016-01-06 Belief Happy New Year Thank you also this year
2015-09-04 BHK30M it was replaced by repair of the folding machine spindle
and the brake.
2015-08-18 Arrived Goss manufactured by SSC small rotary press. It is a very good state.
2015-08-17 It arrived gossmanufactured by folding machine.It is very clean and good.
2015-08-17 We arrived a newspaper printing stacker.Please to the product introduction.
2015-07-06 We arrived a reduction gear motor. Please refer to the product introduction.

Failure of Nichiro made binding machine EX-8 occurred in our customers the other day.The cause was the failure of a switching power supply that supplies the monitor power.
A switching power supply replacement was safely recovered.This manufacturer production
of switching power supply is now to be asked to store as hurriedly preliminary to our customers that and end at this year`s September.

2015-06-17 Nicihro made binding machine EX-8 was published.
Please refer to the product introduction
2015-06-11 Nichiro packaging machine TW-7 was published.Please refer to product introduction.Itisgood.

It arrived two Goss Co.ED-10 count stacker.
Please refer to product introduction shipping equipment.

2015-06-04 We were received successfully complete the repair request of Goss ssc rotary press main motor escape in certain newspapers.
2015-06-04 FUJIFILM LP-940Ⅱ
It arrived digital plate processor.Please see the other product introduction.
2015-06-04 it arrived Goss ssc dedicated motor drive registration is ideal for units that are from the folding machine of  distance. Please refer to the product introduction

It was tension pulley production 

2015-05-21 Made in 1997 DC45kw motor arrved.Please refer to the product introduction
2015-05-20 We arrived an air compressor.

It has arrived the dampening water system.

2015-04-28 Gear motors are available. Look at a product introduction.
2015-04-21 Website was createb.Thank you in the future.